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Sue Hirschberger, MEd, LE Coach

Sue Hirschberger is the founder of Set S.A.I.L.: Spark An Inspired Life, where she offers individual sessions, on-line coursework, and retreats for the work she loves as an Empowerment Coach. Local sessions take place at the Padma Center for Natural Therapies, which provides a beautiful and healing atmosphere.


She holds a master's degree in education, with more than 25 years in leadership and facilitation. Sue has certification as a Wisdom Keeper for Don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements. These principles, partnered with deep listening and reflection, guide her work with individuals to identify and facilitate transformation of outmoded patterns.


One of the attributes that Sue is known for is her ability to create a safe space for exploring those parts of one's life that are stagnant or lacking flow and ease. Sue's skillful and honoring presence creates the opportunity to effortlessly move toward purpose, inspiration, clarity, and peace of mind. In-office sessions may include the use of a hoop drum, which is an ancient and universal technique to still the mind and help access ones own heart and intuition.


Sue has traveled outside of the United States, in Australia, Mexico, Europe, and Central America, learning from these cultures and traditions. Her travels have offered her a deeper understanding of ourselves in relationship to each other and the bigger web of life, which was the topic of her presentation for an International Feng Shui Conference in 1999, at Kripalu Institute. She has had a private practice in the United States since the early '90's.

Contact Sue

phone: (607) 379-0161


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