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Carrie Stearns, PDHom.

Carrie Stearns practices classical homeopathy in Ithaca NY. She holds a practitioner diploma from The School of Homeopathy (SOH), Devon England. Prior to study with the SOH, she studied with Lucy Vaughters at the Finger Lakes School of Homeopathy. In addition to her homeopathic training, Carrie has been a student of the Diamond Approach for the last 7 years. Diamond Approach is a contemporary spiritual teaching, which brings together the spiritual and psychological aspects of personal experience for the purpose of self realization. She uses these teachings to support her work as a homeopath and guide clients towards their own self realization.Classical homeopathic care offers treatment for both chronic and acute conditions. Homeopathy views the body, mind and spirit as completely connected and seeks to understand and address health issues at their deepest origins. Carrie treats the person as a whole, rather than their specific illness.

Contact Carrie

phone: (607) 279-3533




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