Join us on July 7th, 5-8 PM, for an evening with our featured artist, Evan Yokum, photographer, at the Padma Center. Light refreshments will be served, so that you can take your time to enjoy these incredible images!

Evan Yokum's Exhibit: "Through my eyes: A collage of Life."
The photographs in this exhibit represent a variety of preoccupations Evan has with both natural elements and the human-made world. Throughout the work there is a strong emphasis in capturing the essence of the subject, through patient and often extended observation. Whether it be the subtle motion of plant forms or intimate portraits of insects and animals, he strives to create a still image of their personalities.

His fascination with urban decay imagery goes back nearly fifteen years and is motivated by an interest in history and the remains of what humans leave behind on our planet. He's spent countless hours wandering through abandoned buildings in locations throughout the cities of the world. And as a full time Geologist, Evan spends his time exploring and studying interesting minerals and rocks. For more information and a partial but extensive portfolio, please visit his website at: